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These pictures show just a few of the many vaping devices confiscated in Huron Valley last year. Needless to say, this has become a very big concern. Students violating the school policy banning these devices are subject to suspension.


Medical research has not yet identified the long term health consequences of using these products.But it has been shown to cause bronchitis- and asthma-like symptoms along with spikes in heart rate and blood pressure. This is true because most vaping liquids contain nicotine (along with many other chemicals) - even when packaging states that it is nicotine-free. Cancer causing agents have been identified with use of these products.


While many people think vaping is a safe alternative to smoking, research shows that youth who vape are actually more likely to smoke.


The Coalition will stay up to date and share the latest research on vaping. For now, we are sure of one thing - our lungs are designed to breath air and nothing else.

Help is available for teens who want to quit vaping. Visit for more information and start the process with a professional coach. 

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