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We are here to lead teens toward a drug and alcohol-free life!

Through grant funding we can make materials available FREE of charge to households. Our staff are Certified Prevention Specialists that can bring activities or speak to groups small or large, in person or virtually.

To request a presentation email:


Tamper- Resistant Tape

Purpose: To monitor if the container has been opened

To Use: Place the strip on the bottle or container and check back regularly to monitor.

Benefit: Allows adults to know if youth have opened products. Provides kids with a reason, if they are curious or pressured to take alcohol, marijuana or medication to leave it alone.


At-Home Test Strips

Purpose: Test if youth have used alcohol, nicotine, or marijuana recently.

To Use: Dip test in urine and wait for result (specific instructions on each pack)

Benefit: Parents can find out if there child has used a substance. Students can build trust with parents if they haven't used. Provides students with a reason to avoid using drugs and alcohol, knowing that parents can test them at any time.


Breathing Cards

Purpose: Slow your breathing to reduce anxiety and stress.

To Use: Side 1- Trace the shape and follow breathing instructions.

Side 2- Use the card as a guide and practice square or box breathing.

Benefit: The cards guide the stressed or anxious mind through a breathing exercise. Breathing is slowed and heart rate slows down, allowing the brain think more clearly. 

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