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Keep An Eye Out- The Teen Bedroom Project

Take a few moments to learn about warning signs of teen drug use that could be found in your teens bedroom. 

Growing Up Drug Free

A parent's guide to prevention.

Suicide Prevention Tool Kit for Parents

This quick guide gives parents a look into the warning signs of suicide, prevention tactics, and supportive resources.

Is it "just experimenting" ?

"Just Experimenting", "Rite of Passage", Learn the real risks of teens using substances. 

Talk Sooner

Talk Sooner provides information and ideas for parents to help open up the conversation about substance use with their children. Research shows that youth, indeed, seek information and guidance from parents and other adults. It's important that parents are properly prepared for these difficult conversations.

Talk early, talk often, Talk Sooner!

Parents Who Host, Lose The Most

Don't be a party to teenage drinking. This is a public awareness program educating parents and the community about the legal, health, and safety risks of serving alcohol at teen parties.

This program encourages parents and the ENTIRE community to send a unified message that teen alcohol consumption is unhealthy, unsafe, and unacceptable.

Talking with Children

One of the best tools in helping youth resist peer pressure regarding illicit substance use is positive, accurate conversations. Start talking to your kids regardless of age. They hear more about drugs than you think. This website will help you provide truthful, factual, information to help them make good decisions. 

Enjoy these free e-books, fact sheets, guides and more which will help kids stay health and drug- free.

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