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Marijuana use and academics

Studies show that youth marijuana use impacts brain development and academic performance. IQ and test scores are lower when teens engage in regular marijuana use. Help your students to learn the facts! 

Lesson Plan Support

Teaching students about healthy living? Peer Pressure? Bullying? Drugs? Stress? Screen Time? The list goes on and on, check out this site for activities, quizzes and guides to help create your lesson plans.

Oakland Country Resourse Guide

A guide created by the Alliance of Coalitions for Healthy Communities for substance abuse and mental health related resources across Oakland County. Crisis, treatment and recovery programs, support groups, and tip lines are all listed.

FREE substance use prevention resources

Trying to fit life skill education into your curriculum can be difficult. Check out the Teacher section of National Institute on Drug Abuse website for FREE ideas, lesson plans and fact guides. 


Teachers play a vital role in helping students overcome stress and risky behaviors. Promote OK2SAY, give students a safe and private venue to report bullying, violence and threats. 

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