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Safe Medication Disposal

All law enforcement in the Huron Valley district have special drop boxes for unused medication. You can drop off your medications during open business hours at the Milford Police Department, Oakland County Sheriff Highland Substation, and the White Lake Township Police Department. 

Prevention Works!

Research shows, substance use prevention works. Check out the NIDA website for everything you need to know.

Do Your Part: Be the Solution

Studies show that 2,000 teens begin abusing prescription drugs each day. 56% say it is easy to get prescription drugs from a family medicine cabinet. Do your part and remove access to prescriptions in your home. Learn the warning signs for prescription drug misuse. Click the button to view our toolkit to help you be the solution.

Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

We warn teens about drinking and driving or riding with someone who has been drinking. Yet even adults don't completely understand the message - Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving. That is one reason why a 2012 report showed that a drunk driving related fatality occurred every 51 minutes. Take the pledge to not drive while under any influence, have a plan to get home and to keep your community safe.

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